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Everyday Light Warriors

Welcome to The Everyday Light Warriors Podcast. This is a place where personal stories of spectacular people from all walks of life are shared. We unveil their, sometimes, emotional past, the challenges they have faced, and highlight the present victories and journeys of self-love, gratitude, and life purpose.


Sep 18, 2016

Energy Coach and Intuitive Content Writer, Kristy Lee Rackham talks about as a young child growing up in a family with a mum who was a celebrity day-time tv- chef, seeing spirits at a young age, having her children and challenges faced with her oldest boy having EDS, the love of writing, travelling and the joy of meditation.



Kym Foster
almost three years ago

Although I already knew how fabulously talented Kristy is and am full of admiration for her as a person and all that she has achieved, this was a very informative and interesting interview Yenny and really easy to listen to :-)