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Everyday Light Warriors

Welcome to The Everyday Light Warriors Podcast. This is a place where personal stories of spectacular people from all walks of life are shared. We unveil their, sometimes, emotional past, the challenges they have faced, and highlight the present victories and journeys of self-love, gratitude, and life purpose.


Aug 1, 2017

At a young age Trevor always knew that he was going to be an entrepreneur. As the years passed by, Trevor and his love of entrepreneurship grew exponentially. At age seventeen, he imported phone cases and sold them to all of his friends and family. Today Trevor is a podcaster, author and creator of  Become The Lion, a place where he and his business partner inspire and help young entrepreneurs under 19 years old to start and grow their online business.   

Trevor talks about: • Growing up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts • Starting his entrepreneurship by selling lemonade door to door in the neighbourhood • Starting a clothing company as a young boy trying to sell on Ebay • Getting inspired by his dad who is a history teacher • Studying at university • The importance of reading books to improve the business sense and get inspired • Being only 20 years old running a company and how to deal with negative comments • Why he started Become The Lion • How it is helping people under 19 years old with their entrepreneurship and why he feels it is important • The podcast Become The Lion and the joy of interviewing successful entrepreneurs.