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Everyday Light Warriors

Welcome to The Everyday Light Warriors Podcast. This is a place where personal stories of spectacular people from all walks of life are shared. We unveil their, sometimes, emotional past, the challenges they have faced, and highlight the present victories and journeys of self-love, gratitude, and life purpose.


Apr 24, 2017

Creator and author of Lighthouse Revolution, Karen Gunton talks about how she met her husband, moving from Canada to Australia, that “sliding door” moment and the importance of always push yourself to grow.

Karen Gunton talks about:

Growing up in Canada
Studying science at University and later became a Science...

Apr 21, 2017

 Yenny talks about:

  • When she was 8 years old and got a camera given to her.
  • How she finally could express herself and “paint” with the camera.
  • Being into sports and theater as a child and teenager, but finally was thriving when she got into a photo course at Kulturama - Stockholm, Sweden 
  • Moving to Australia...

Apr 17, 2017

Damien Diecke, head dating coach and founder of School Of Attraction, shares his story of being a sports nerd at school, suffering from generalised anxiety disorder, and why he feels so passionate about helping men connect better with women.

Damien talks about:

  • His first childhood memory going to a fair at a park in...

Apr 14, 2017

Yenny talks about:

  • Separation The day I decided to leave my marriage Dealing with guilt,
  • The day I decided to leave my marriage
  • Dealing with guilt,
  • The importance to have close friends to talk to
  • How sleep can heal
  • Dealing with guilt, anger and resentment
  • Self-care and Gratitude
  1. SLEEP. They say sleep heals and that...

Apr 10, 2017

“I have got 80 minutes of commuting time. Drawing is something that has been with me forever and this little slot of time is perfect for squeezing something that makes me happy. That is how “Doodles In Transit” drawings started.” - Jamie Flunder

Jamie Flunder talks about:

  • The time Jamie’s dad was fighting a