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Everyday Light Warriors

Welcome to The Everyday Light Warriors Podcast. This is a place where personal stories of spectacular people from all walks of life are shared. We unveil their, sometimes, emotional past, the challenges they have faced, and highlight the present victories and journeys of self-love, gratitude, and life purpose.


Apr 27, 2016

In this episode, I chat with Assisi Chant, editor, word whisperer and gratitude master. For a couple of years now Assisi, her husband, and their two kids have been living in a tiny cottage whilst building a house. In this interview, Assisi will share the challenges she faces having almost no space to herself and how she still manages to kick goals despite this. Assisi talks about how, with a few small mindset changes, she has not only managed to greatly increase her income earning potential, she has also started to attract the authors and clients that resonate with her on all levels. All by manifesting, decluttering her house and life of unwanted energies, and by constantly remaining grateful for the everyday things in her life. Make sure you stick around to the end where she gives you her #1 best self-care advice. Today Assisi is busy writing and editing for Conscious Entrepreneurs in many of the helping professions and looks forward to a long career of helping present these kinds of positive messages to the world.


Direct link to the show notes: EVERYDAY LIGHT WARRIORS